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The road to self -government for Jamaica was no easy feat. The progressives who sought to change status quo and make Jamaicans visible in their own country were intimidate and in many instances arrested and detained for long periods In fact, during this period the Vice President of the League, on a visit to Jamaica to meet with N. W. Manley to discuss the self-government issue, was arrested and detained for eighteen months. Alexander Bustamante then a supporter of the Peoples National Party, was also arrested and detained.

However, in the face of danger these fearless freedom fighters continued their agitation and by 1940 Jamaica Progressive League was fully involved in all aspects of the life and government of Jamaica.

A new constitution for Jamaica, prepared by the League was forwarded to #10 Downing Street in England. At the same time the League protested the Jamaican Government’s granting of extra territorial rights for areas of the island to be utilized for American Air Bases.

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