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W. A .Domingo                               

Rev. Ethelred Brown                     

W.  Adolphe Roberts    Lorem

Be it known that the Jamaica Progressive League, Inc. has petitioned the Government of Jamaica to recognize and honor the lives of the founders of the League; W. Adolphe Roberts, W. A. Domingo, and Rev. Ethelred Brown for their role in the movement towards Jamaica’s independence. At the celebration of 50th year of independence in 2012, special recognition should be accorded to these gentlemen for being pioneers of the independence movement. We ask for your support as we seek to have this grievous omission corrected.

JPL Congratulates the PNP on this your 73rd annual conference. It is our hope that as you move forward with the progressive agenda, that peace & economic stability for our homeland will be achieved

The founders of the League, W. Adolphe Roberts (President) Wilfred A. Domingo (Vice President) Rev. Ethelred Brown (Secretary), were the pioneers of the  independence movement for Jamaica.   These “Fathers of our Nation”, have yet to be recognized for their invaluable contributions to Jamaica land we love.

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 We believe,   that it is fitting and timely that these pioneers of the independence movement take   their rightful place with the other heroes in the annals of Jamaica’s history