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The Jamaica Progressive League of New York has been in the struggle to remove barriers of immigration since 1952 when the Walter- Mc. Carran Bill was introduced. The Bill which became known as the Walter- Mc. Carran Act of 1952, was passed, over the veto of President Harry Truman.

Secretary Rev. Ethelred Brown, presented the League’s case against this blatantly discriminatory bill that placed restrictive quotas on Jamaica and other colonies of the hemisphere such as Trinidad and Tobago.

Following Jamaica’s independence, the League revisited the immigration situation. There were resolutions put forth by the League and with the assistance of friendly politicians such as Adam Clayton Powell and Jacob Javits the League was able to present its case.

It took several amendments, resolutions, and discussions to bring the League’s case to a successful conclusion. On October 3, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson chose the Statue of Liberty for the signing of the new immigration bill into law. On Wednesday December 1, 1965 a new Immigration Law went into effect that lifted the threat of deportation and removed the quota system on the basis of National Origin system.

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