Leading the Way for a Better Jamaica since 1936 Jamaica Progressive League, Inc. Focus/ Position

Nation Building was and still is the focus of the Jamaica Progressive League.  The accomplishments of the League are many and varied and the founders of this trail-blazing organization expected that successive leaders would follow the blueprint for that was clearly laid out to continue the important work that they had started. Unfortunately somewhere along the line the baton was dropped and as a result our hard won gains are rapidly slipping away. So once again the League will emerge from its respite and come to the aid of our beloved homeland. The accomplishments of the League remains unmatched and unrivalled but as we witness some serious deterioration in the social values and attitudes we will return to the nation-building table .

The recent happenings in Jamaica, specifically the Christopher (Duddus) Coke affair has taken a toll on the Island socially, morally and economically and this must be addressed. If we honestly have the well being of our homeland at heart we must no longer turn a blind eye and go along just to get along. We are therefore calling numerous patriotic groups that have taken on the cause of Jamaica to join us as we pick up the baton and return to the table to continue the Nation Building Process.  

All persons of good will who are interested in helping to repair Jamaica’s image, are invited to join our discussions.

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