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“A Diamond Jubilee”

This year as we  commemorate our 75th year we will incorporate Jamaica’s 49th independence in the celebrations, not only to hi-light the little known fact that the  League played a pivotal role in Jamaica gaining it’s independence from Britain, but to remind our leaders and historians of the importance of reporting and documenting all aspects of our history.

Because this is such a distinctive milestone, we will be celebrating with a series of  events commencing with a church service on Sunday July 31, 2011 3:00 PM, at the United Moravian Church 200 E 127th Street, NY 10035. This will be followed by the opening of a Trade Fair which will run between July 31& August 6, at that same location. As a precursor to Jamaica’s 50th, the JPL will reinstate The Trade Fair component which was its signature presentation during the celebrations in earlier years after independence.  A Dinner Dance on Friday August 5, at The Eastwood Manor in the Bronx, will be the closing event.

The history of Jamaica and the history of the Jamaica Progressive League

cannot be separated. The founders of the League, Wilfred A. Domingo Rev. Ethelred Brown,  Adolphe Roberts were true visionaries and have left their mark.

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